About Us

Vision & Mission

With Ceviche DOZO you don’t need to travel to Japan to taste “authentic” Japanese food. We want to introduce “authentic” Japanese food in Broward County.

About US                                                                                                

At Ceviche DOZO, we believe that many people out there are looking for good and honest food without any additive and preservative. People that want to eat Real Japanese food and not Japanese lookalike food. We are a small family-owned “authentic” Japanese restaurant. At Ceviche DOZO, we take pride in preparing hand-crafted food in our kitchen using 100% natural ingredients without MSG nor additives. Yes, everything is 100% natural.

What does DOZO mean?    

DOZO is a Japanese word for “Here you are!” “Please” “Go Ahead” etc., has a lot of meaning.

Meet the Team

We are a couple that has decided to bring authentic Japanese food to Broward County. We have always believed that food is an essential part of our lives.

Harumi, 治美, Chef Harumi

Harumi 治美

Nice to meet you, my name is Harumi. I have been working in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and I am the Chef/Owner of Ceviche DOZO.

I was born and grow up in Japan. Thanks to my family I moved my first step into traditional Japanese food learning in our Kitchen. To further improve my cooking skills, I decided to work in a few Japanese restaurants in Japan while I was receiving training in the ancient art of Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

I moved to London, where I made a career as a head chef working in a very busy Japanese restaurant. In London, my husband and I were blessed with a son.

Recently, we moved to South Florida. Here I made some Japanese friends who were missing the real Japanese cuisine. They asked me to start an authentic Japanese restaurant that could gather for people looking for “Authentic” and “Healthy” Japanese food. I want my family to eat healthy, authentic and 100% natural food. I prepare for my customers the same food I prepare for my family every day.

Growing up in Japan and also being a chef I always took for granted the “authentic” Japanese flavours. However, after leaving Japan I realized how difficult is for a Japanese person to find the real taste of home. So, I decided to listen to my friend’s advice and with my husband’s help, we opened a small Japanese restaurant. We found the perfect location in Hollywood, FL. As a Japanese myself, I take pride, in cooking “real” Japanese recipes from scratch, with the same passion that was instilled in me as a child and the same passion for food I learned while working in Japanese Restaurant in Japan.

My motto is “You are what you eat”

Itadakimasu いただきます, as we say in Japan before eating, literally means “I humbly receive” the food.



I was born in Rome and lived in many different countries with my family. I moved to London and worked there as a Barista for a few years. My favourite cuisine is Japanese. Among the many Japanese foods that I like are Okonomiyaki and Chicken Katsu Curry. Every now and then you can see me at the restaurant. Hope to see you soon.