About Us

At Ceviche DOZO, we believe that many people are looking for good and honest food without any additives and preservatives. We are a small family-owned authentic Japanese restaurant. At Ceviche DOZO, we take pride in preparing hand-crafted food in our kitchen using 100% natural ingredients without MSG nor additives. Yes, everything is 100% natural.

What does DOZO mean?    

DOZO is a Japanese word for “Here you are!”, “Please”, “Go Ahead”,  amongst various other meanings.

Meet the Team


Chef/Owner of Ceviche DOZO.

I was born and raised in Japan. Thanks to my family I placed my first step into traditional Japanese food by learning from our family kitchen. To further improve my culinary skills, I decided to work in a few Japanese restaurants in Japan while I was receiving training in the ancient art of Tea Ceremony.

Afterwards, I moved to London in 2006 where I made a career as a head chef working in a very busy Japanese restaurant.

I moved to South Florida in 2013 where I met Japanese friends who were missing real Japanese cuisine. They asked me to start an authentic Japanese restaurant that could gather people looking for authentic and healthy Japanese food. I want my family and friends to eat healthy, authentic and natural food. The food I prepare for my customers is same food I prepare for my family every day.

Growing up in Japan and also being a chef I always took for granted the authentic Japanese flavors. However, after leaving Japan I realized how difficult is for a Japanese person to find the real taste of home. So, I decided to listen to my friend’s advice, and opened a small Japanese restaurant. We found the perfect location in Hollywood, FL.

As a Japanese chef, I take pride, in cooking real Japanese recipes from scratch.

My motto is: “You are what you eat”

Itadakimasu いただきます, as we say in Japan before eating, meaning “I humbly receive” the food.